{About Me - Colette}

Geeky Manchester lass, lucky to be married my best friend Paul who runs his own fishing tackle shop, met him in 2006 and moved in together 6 weeks later, engaged after a year (after a very romantic M6 proposal) and married the year after that with my closest family and friends around me, after 5 years I already know I can’t live without him.

 2 cheeky step sons who I love like my own, blessed with a amazingly supportive family and the best friends I could ever ask for, believe whole heartedly that you have one life and you should live it as life can sometimes be cruel and too short.

 3 dogs Cleo, Polly & Amber who drive us insane as they are loopy, Qualified Accountant who hates maths but loves science, is a published writer.. okay well I had a short poem published when I was 15, but that still counts!!

 Always on some kind of diet, one day I will appreciate the curves I have, can never decide if to have long or short hair, red blonde brown or black..I get bored very easily!

 Has my own style which Paul hates lol and can always find something to wear in the sale rack even though nobody else seems to wants it !
 Make friends really easily but am a little naive sometimes, lots of brains and no common sense!

It raining when I’m inside, walking the dogs, DVD blanket days, chocolate and eating picnics at home, being outside and having naps!! Like making people smile and going that one step further for people I care about. The fact that I can always pick up the phone to one of my friends and they are always there to listen.
 The fact that I didn’t go to uni but I’ve still achieved more than most people who did and that even though I can’t spell my sister can, so I never need worry!

The way my husband makes me laugh every day, love my family more than anything, the way my mum and dad would move heaven and earth to support me, doing silly dances with Paul at home just because we can, doing the bulldog pose, Laughing with my friends, Painting pictures or murals (not walls yawn), reading books and watching sci fi, Creating and designing things, weddings (Total wedding nut), love everything about them, especially the ones which are BANG in your face!!
 Love being busy and being organised, except at home where I am still learning the role of the wife !  Love the way the wedding industry is changing! Love working with one of my best friend’s Kelly and working towards a very happy and prosperous future together at All Wrapped Up!!

I have so many on so many different people! Total style stalker of some very individual people out there but love modern styles too, I’m easily swayed!!

Can live without
Vegetables, fruit and anything healthy, People who moan for an hour rather than do the task that would take half the time, being in a long line waiting to be served and really slow internet connections.  Taking the bin out or spending the time to put the refuse sack in the bin properly. Washing my hair…I’m head sore not a stig ha ha! Wearing contacts as they always make my eyes hurt

Can’t stand…(hate is a strong word)
Cooking,  still can’t boil a egg and cannot get the hang of timing food, anyone who thinks’ they are worth more than anyone else around them,  People who lie and think they will never get caught and how I still don’t understand why people feel they have to lie to impress me.
The way my nails never grow, how I can sleep for 10 hours and still be tired and rabbits they creep me out…

Aims for the future
To be a mum, but if that doesn’t work it won’t be the end and I’ve got enough in my life to be content, to have a successful business, to win some kind of award and to wake up each morning and look forward to the day ahead with a huge smile on my face.

{About Me - Kelly}

I am thirty something... not many people know as I still tell people I’m 29, married to Kris who I’ve been with since like forever and had a long engagement of 8 years, We only got married in October 2010 in gorgeous Cyprus with all my family and friends and had the best time of my life.

I have 2 children 1 boy  who acts like Kevin out of Kevin and Perry at the moment. And a little girl who acts like she is 21 so very entertaining and keeps me very busy.

I have a puppy called Roxie who is also entertaining who is constantly eating all shoes in site including my favourite shoes I was not a happy bunny when I saw my favourite shoes in her mouth.

I am blonde and people call blondes very dizzy I do fit the bill but not too much. My family say I act like Reese Witherspoon out of legally blonde I think I have more class lol and have a lot more curves than Reese.

 Having days out with the family, going the funfair and beaches just spending quality time with them because soon they will be too old to come out with there mum and dad. Going out for tea like being waited on and not having to wash the pots.
Having nights out with the girls and going on shopping sprees. My friends are like my rock who I care for very much.

 Love my husband and my 2 children and Roxie of course. Also how my Husband supports me on everything I do and say, even if it’s right or wrong!!
Love shopping for new shoes i always find them before I find my outfit!! Wrong way round but maybe that’s the blonde in me.
Love my family holidays always make sure I get away to a nice hot place with a lovely beach.
This might sound wrong but love cleaning I will spend hours and hours cleaning. My husband thinks I have OCD.
Love being in the wedding industry I find it so exciting and challenging seeing all the new themes that come out and try and recreate them.
Love having a business partner Colette who is my best friend and who I’ve known since high school got so many happy memories and still laugh at the things we did.

I wouldn’t know where to start with crushes cos I have that many I love so many designers it’s untrue.

 Can live without
 Winter don’t like being cold. Would Love just to live somewhere where there was sun 24/7. Can live without the news don’t like listening to it as it always makes me depressed. Could live without fake people I think you should show who you are from the start and never hide the real you.

 Can’t stand…(hate is a strong word)
Spiders I hate the way they crawl and can get anywhere like your bed I check my bed every night before I crawl in to it. Ironing and food shopping is the worst thing ever I would do anything else to get out of the ironing ha I have a wonderful husband who does this for me.

Aims for the future
 To have successful businesses. To finish my mortgage by the time I’m 40 ha !! And to get to my golden anniversary not many years to go only 49 !!